CHICKEN COOPSo many cities, towns and municipalities allow backyard chickens these days. Raleigh, North Carolina also has a Tour d'Coop similar to other Chicken Coop Tours held in other cities around America.

Most people keep chickens and erect backyard chicken coops so that they can have a ready source of eggs. Not everyones initial decision to keep chickens is made primarily to produce a source of food.

In a recent article by Mark Rutledge at The Daily Reflector he describes why Neal Brown and his wife decided to keep chickens. Original Article.

"Our granddaughters said they wanted either a pony or chickens,” Brown said. “We went with chickens.”

The retired railroad conductor went to work last fall on building a playhouse for granddaughters Sarah Ruth, 3, and Caroline, 5. The structure’s bottom half became an indoor/outdoor chicken coop this spring.Playing off the unique building’s dual purpose, an attached sign reads, “Chicks Over Chicks".

The four hens that the Brown's keep seem to be more like family pets. They are tame enough for the granddaughters to pick up and carry around.

The chickens have the run of the backyard and are somewhat destructive. Neal Brown has been obliged to fence off some of his plants to keep them from being disturbed by the hens. His one complaint seems to be that they don't want to eat weeds, but  are happy to eat everything else. Fortunately the eggs that is chickens produce appear to have made up for any inconvenience.

Many backyard chicken farmers will be able to identify Brown's complaint about the hens not wanting to eat weeds. However, the Browns and their grandchildren are not the first people to become attached to their hens and see view them as pets rather than as a source of food. Keeping chickens away from your plants is one of the great advantages of housing hens in a Portable Chicken Coop.

great plans for building your own


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