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Poultry Books and Books on Chickens are a fantastic resource for information on keeping, breeding and raising chickens. There are many titles available. We have tried to narrow the field down for you so that you can find the best Poultry Books. Some of the titles we recommend go beyond information on chickens, they also have advice and tips on growing your own produce, recipes etc. You can't go wrong with a good book. 

For our customers in the United Kingdom we have also provided a link so that as well as shopping for chicken coops in the UK you can also easily peruse our list of recommended books. These are not just books on how to keep chickens, but we have also included recipe books and a list of the very popular River Cottage Books by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Among our absolute favourites in this collection is The River Cottage Cookbook which is a fountain of information on keeping chickens, pigs and other farm animals. This is one of the best books on "growing your own" and all around information that we have come across.


great books for you to read          A great choice of interesting books


For those of you who live in North America please see our list of fantastic books which are easily available to you. We have tried to find these at the best online prices we can.


the river cottage cookbook provides a raft of great advice

The River Cottage Cookbook is one that we highly recommend, especially if you are interested in keeping other animals besides chickens. This is not just a recipe book. Hugh Fearnely-Whittingstall who is a very popular food writer and broadcaster in Britain has written a book ( one of several in a series ) that anyone wanting to raise chickens, pigs, sheep and cattle in a small way will find very useful. It is engagingly written by someone who really makes you think about the responsibility we have towards the animals we raise and the land we live on.

Although this book is about small scale farming and cooking in Britain ( there are numerous recipes ) it has applications for the urban gardener anywhere. If you are interested in growing vegetables, raising chickens, cooking, mouthwatering recipes,  making sausages,  fishing etc. etc. this is a wonderful book. If you are an armchair "farmer" you will find many hours of enjoyment in these pages.

wonderful read, the river cottage cookbook


More fantastic books

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