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Chicken in coopIf you are interested in different chicken coop designs there are many resources available. Perhaps one of the most interesting and innovative chicken coop shows is in Cedar Rapids Iowa. It has been named the Tour de Coop, a fantastic name for what is sure to be a really interesting show. Cedar Rapids is not the only city to have a Tour de Coop, several other U.S. cities also have these tours. At the bottom of this post is a video from the Portland, Oregon 2010 tour. This excerpt from the Eastern Iowa Life will give you some idea of what visitors to the Cedar Rapids Tour can expect. Original article by Cindy Hadish

The 2011 Tour de Coop on Saturday, Oct. 8, will showcase six Cedar Rapids chicken coops and serve as a fundraiser to build a coop for the Cedar Rapids Animal Shelter, says Rebecca Mumaw of Cedar Rapids Citizens for the Legalization of Urban Chickens.

“It should be a fun time where families can tour various coops and talk with the owners about their coop designs and their style of raising hens,” says Mumaw, whose southeast Cedar Rapids coop is featured on the tour.

Original article and photos.

Apparently the coop which is going to be built for the Animal Shelter will a Portable Coop. This will enable it to be easily moved to future Animal Shelter sites. The Animal Shelter will use this Portable Chicken Coop to house stray and abandoned chickens as well as ones which have had to be removed from their owners.

Interestingly even Vancouver, Canada has a municipal chicken coop which is also used to house stray chickens. Vancouver recently enabled a by law allowing people to keep a few backyard hens.

The chicken coops on display at the Tour range from one which is a converted children's playhouse with an adjacent A frame run, two storey hen houses, a coop with a green roof,  (that is there is grass growing on the roof ) and even one which features carvings by the owner.

At the Tour de Coop the owners will be on hand to answer questions and give construction advice.

This is a fantastic idea and a show which other towns and municipalities might want to consider emulating. Keeping backyard chickens is becoming more and more popular in many urban areas so the interest in something similar the Cedar Rapids show is certain to find many enthusiasts.  Many urban and backyard chicken farmers would probably be very interested in building and exhibiting their designs for Portable chicken coops and other backyard styles of coop.

See here for great design ideas.

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