Chicken Coops for Sale UK. If you are looking for a Chicken Coop in the UK you are very fortunate to be living in a country that has some of the best chicken coop designs and quality workmanship available. The number of people in the United Kingdom who are interested in raising chickens and who keep small numbers of birds is huge. There is something about keeping chickens in the backyard which is reassuringly British. Fresh eggs for a "full English " are hard to beat. 

If you are looking for a chicken coop with an attached pen consider one of the fantastic ones below. These great wooden models are only three of a number of chicken coops you will find if you go through the links to the main page. These chicken houses can be assembled fairly easily with a screwdriver and adjustable spanner.

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The models made by this manufacturer are very well built and have been designed to keep predators at bay. If, however, you have particularly aggressive predators that are likely to dig under the run I recommend you attach a wire mesh "skirt" around the whole coop. This can be held in place by paving slabs or bricks. If you are really plagued by " diigging hunters" you might have to bury the mesh into the ground at least 12" deep.

The Kent Coop with Run    

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Kent coop with run

This is The Kent Chicken Coop with Run. As of writing this great Coop has a 5 star rating from 18 customers. As you can see it is made of wood which is actually a durable semi hardwood and is also the same type of wood used in several other designs offered by ChickenCoopsDirect. This particular model has a combined space of 19 square feet. The Kent is portable although you will need to have someone else to help you. The run can be detached from the hen house so that you can move your chickens to fresh pasture.

I really like the design of this coop because not only is it well built, but it is also easy to clean. As you can see from the photo above there is a tray which is easily removed for cleaning. The floor in the nesting box is slatted and it can be removed for cleaning  as well. The  roofs of both the main hen house and the nesting boxes can also be raised adding to the ease with which the inside of the coop can be accessed as well as cleaned. 

Other advantages of Kent Coop include ventilation windows, a raised hen house, a panel at the top of the run which opens allowing you to easily get to the feeding and watering stations. The Kent is well constructed with strong joints and has a solid professionally built look. 

The External Dimensions of the Run are: 162cm L x 82cm W x 75.5cm H for a total of 12.8 square feet.   The Nesting Box measures : 48cm L x 32.5cm W for a total of 1.6 square feet.                                         The House itself measures: 78cm L x 54.5cm W for a total of 4.5 square feet.

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The Devon Hen House with Run

Rating: ★★★★★ 

fantastic devon house

I think you will agree that this is a wonderful looking chicken coop and run. The Devon Hen House now comes with a run which can be either attached or placed up against the coop itself. Keeping the run detached enables you with help to more easily move the pen and house to different parts of your garden.  This is a convenient way to give your chickens fresh grass to eat thereby preventing bare patches in your lawn. 

The Devon is really well constructed and a lot of thought and planning has gone into its design. As with other models by ChickenCoopsDirect it is made with pressure treated semi hardwood. Care has been taken to ensure that the wood preservative used on all these models is animal friendly. This will ensure that your chicken coop will last for many years.

Similar to other coops from this manufacturer this model is incredibly easy to clean. A removable metal tray that can be easily washed is a huge time saver. The nesting box is easily accessible by lifting the lid. Collecting eggs, cleaning the box  and changing the nesting material could not be easier. The nesting box itself is divided into three "bedrooms" ensuring that your hens have a nice comfortable and safe place to lay their eggs. If they don't want to use the nesting box there are also three handy perches for them as well.

The hen house itself is raised off the ground, away from the damp and mud. The wooden legs sit on rubber soles to prevent rot from setting in.

The Run measures ( internal):  96cm L x 77.5cm W for a total of 8 square feet.                                      The nesting Box measures: 75.5cm L x 31cm W                                                                                          The Housing Area measures: 83.5cm L x 80.5cm W for a total of 7.19 square feet.

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fantastic design


The Sussex Chicken House

Rating: ★★★★★ 

typical hen house from sussex

This is the Sussex Chicken House and just from this photo alone you can tell that if you are looking for Chicken Coops for Sale UK, this has to be one you should consider.  This is an incredibly well designed and constructed chicken house. It provides an exceptionally large space of 17.6 square feet for your "girls". It is ideal for about three medium sized hens. Although it is not easily portable, i did contact ChickenCoopsDirect and they informed that it can be moved if you have one or two people to help you.

This particular hen house has been finished to the highest quality and an incredible amount of attention to detail has gone into making this wonderful coop. The house features large doors to the pen or run. It even has four windows made from perspex, your chickens will not only have light but they will also be protected from the wind and rain.

As you would expect this model has been designed so that it can be easily cleaned. It also features stainless steel locks and a raised sleeping area. There is a ramp to allow the chickens to get down to the run. The roof is also made of heavy duty waterproof materials.

The dimensions of the Run are: 172cm L x 59cm W providing 10.92 square feet.                                       The Housing area measurements are: 72.5cm L x 60cm W providing 4.68 square feet .                           The Nesting box dimensions are: 34cm L x 56cm W providing 2.05 square feet.

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Eco Coops

Rating: ★★★★½ 

If  you are looking for Chicken Coops for Sale UK and you are looking for an alternative to a wooden chicken coop, consider one that takes advantage of  98% recycled heavy duty plastic. The Eco Coops are an amazing alternative to a conventional chicken coop.  They are easy to carry, easy to move, incredibly durable, rot proof and easy to clean.

Chicken mites and other parasites have met their match with the Eco Coops. They can be easily dismantled, washed, even power washed and disinfected. The eco chicken House also has an optional run which can be easily attached to the front of the house, making it a great portable chicken coop.

medium eco house for two hens

eco chicken run, chicken coops for sale UK

The Eco Coop featured above is the Eco Chicken House, there are other designs, sizes and colours of Eco Coop available. These are a fantastic and easily portable chicken coop and best of all these chicken coops are available in the UK.

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really interesting and informative review

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