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Hopefully our Review of the Chicken Coop Plans below will help you to decide on the best one for you. All of these plans are very good. They range from plans for a simple Portable A frame Urban Coop, ideal for keeping just a couple of chickens in the backyard to a couple of programs which give you a range of plans for different size coops. One gives you plans for building a coop that will allow you to keep up 50 chickens. If you have a good idea as to the number of chickens you want to keep, our reviews and recommendations will help you to decide on the best plans for you.

Before You Buy DIY Chicken Coop Plans Read Our Reviews Below. Let Us Help You.


What is included catawba hen house plans


how to use our hen house plansVIEW DETAILS
Download Plans to Computer
Step By Step Video
Number of Coops Plans for One A frame style portable coop, which can be made to a larger size.Materials checklist & cutlist. Several plans ranging from an A frame coop for 4 chickens to a large one for 50 chickens. Also includes plans for a 2 story hen house.Colour step by step plans, scale diagrams & dimensions.
Bonus Materials Google Sketchup 3D file with guided assembly tour tabs, also the 3D viewer for Mac or PC.eBook on “Keeping the Letter of the Law” PDF document on checking town codes, involving neighbours, marketing materials etc.also marketing materials to submit to neighbours for approval.MS word document of the petition the designer used to submit to the permitting office. 4 free gifts. These are guides to:1. The Cheapest materials to build your coop. 2. The Best materials for the Ground. 3. How to build Nesting Boxes out of common materials.4.How to best Position your coop.The plans are in colour with handy detailed step by step instructions. Includes many useful construction tips and tips for keeping chickens.
Money Back   From The Designer   60 Day Guarantee
Price  $19.99 USD $29.95 USD



catawba hen house plans

 Catawba ConvertiCoops

 This is our Top Choice for a Small Portable Coop


These plans cost the least. Simple to follow.

Cut list, materials list and illustration.

One basic design which can be scaled up or down depending on the number of chickens you want to keep.

Great for a Portable Backyard Urban Chicken Coop.

The A frame provides a coop and run in one design.

You only need a limited number of simple power tools.

Good plans available as an ebook, CD ROM or professionally printed.

3D Google Sketchup helps you to see a virtual coop in 3D so that you can see construction details.

The designer includes an eBook “Keeping the Letter of the Law” which walks you through the steps he and his wife had to go through to get permission to keep chickens in Wake Forest.

Free download even if you don’t buy.

MS Word document of the marketing materials he had to submit to his neighbours MS Word document of the petition he had to submit to the permitting office.

100% Satisfaction money back guarantee from the designer.


These plans are not designed for people who wish to build a large coop for lots of chickens. Plans for only one style of coop available.

Not suitable If you want to build a different style or much larger coop later on.

more information available



great plans for building your own

Building A chicken Coop

    These Plans provide you with a number of different styles and sizes of Chicken Coop. If you want an A frame and might build something larger, up to 50 chicken capacity, at a later date,  this is for you.


No special tools required.

Colour step by step plans

Download to your computer & print the plans as needed.

Materials List and measurements

Several different chicken Coop plans I

ncludes Portable A frame style At least 5 different coop plans from a small portable to a large chicken coop and run for up to 50 chickens.

Handy if you decide to build a different coop in the future.

Very professionally laid out 4 Bonus PDF format ebooks  and other information on keeping chickens.

60 Day Online Money Back Guarantee through Clickbank


If you only want to build one style of coop, you will have more plans than you need.

more information is there

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